Message from the Returning Officer


October 27, 2014 is Election Day for municipalities and school boards in Thunder Bay and across Ontario. This presents the opportunity for voters to select representatives to Thunder Bay City Council and the School Board that they support. Electors for Thunder Bay City Council will choose both Councillors for their ward and at-large as well as the Mayor to make up our 13 member City Council.

It is the responsibility of the City Clerk, as the Returning Officer for the election, to administer the municipal and school board elections and it is my pledge to you that my office will be taking every step to make sure that the election is conducted with the utmost integrity and with consideration for electors and candidates alike.The city’s election website provides a wide range of information about the election, including information on key dates in the election process, when, where and how to vote, and who the candidates are.  I encourage you to browse through the site and find the answers to questions you might have about the election process.  To assist voters with understanding who the candidates for office are we will be offering candidates the opportunity to post a statement about their candidacy on our website, together with their contact information.  Through updates to the website, along with print and radio ads we will work to keep voters informed about the election as it approaches.  Immediately following the election the official results will be posted on the website.

Municipal government affects your everyday life; it is responsible for the maintenance of roads, the supply of drinking water, recreation opportunities and facilities, child care and homes for the aged to name but a few of the services that are managed by the City of Thunder Bay on behalf of its residents and businesses.  Your City Council sets the direction and funding for these services; this is your chance to help make sure it works for you.  So get informed, understand when and where to vote, and on election day be sure to vote!

The Office of the City Clerk’s Election Office is always available to answer any questions you may have about the election, we can be reached by phoning 625-2230, or by email at


Signature - John Hannam

John S. Hannam,
City Clerk and Returning Officer

John S. Hannam
John S. Hannam
City Clerk & Returning Officer


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