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Thunder Bay’s municipal election occurs every four years. During this election, a Mayor, five councillors at-large, seven ward councillors and school board trustees for the English and the French (Public & Separate) District School Boards will be elected. 

This election presents the opportunity for voters to select representatives to Thunder Bay City Council and the school board that they support. Electors of Thunder Bay will select a Mayor and councillors for both their ward and at-large to make up our 13 member City Council, along with their school board trustees. As a whole, when Council meets, they make decisions that govern our City and its future; as do, school board trustees, who meet and make decisions that govern our schools and their future. 


During an election year, individuals who wish to represent you and your area in any of these offices put their names forward to run as candidates. 

When you mark your ballot beside the name of your chosen candidate, you are displaying your wish to have that person represent you. Candidates that receive the most votes win and take office for a four year term.


Who are we voting for?

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Overall we’re voting to establish a new city council and the school boards, each voter is entitled to vote for:

  • One (1) vote for a candidate for Mayor.
  • Five (5) votes for candidates for Councillors At Large.
  • One (1) vote for a candidate for Ward Councillor.
  • Trustees for only one (1) school board:


  • If you are an English-Public supporter you may vote for eight (8) trustees.
  • If you are an English-Separate supporter you may vote for six (6) trustees.
  • If you are a French-Public supporter you may vote one (1) trustee.
  • If you are a French-Separate supporter you may vote five (5) trustees.


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