Terri-Lynne Carter – At Large

Terri-Lynne Carter
Carter Terri-Lynne
Councillor At Large
420 Redwood Avenue
Thunder Bay Ontario
P7C 1Z8
807-577-5833 Home

I have lived most of my life in Thunder Bay; this is the place where my family lives, where I grew up and where I plan to retire. I am running in this election because I don’t see myself, a young successful woman, represented on council. While I was waiting for the perfect candidate, I decided to follow my own philosophy and be the change that I wanted to see and so here I am! I am passionate about my community and I work hard to promote positive change. I work in Community Development and I serve on numerous committees, include three strategies. I bring compassion and understanding throughout my work as we strive to address our city’s most pressing needs; addiction, homelessness, housing affordability, intolerance, income inequality and food insecurity. I believe the family character of our community is what makes our city a wonderful place to live. Healthy, happy, safe and livable neighbourhoods enhance our quality of life. Families thrive, businesses grow, and talent stays in a vibrant community. I am committed to building a happier, healthier, more connected community and a strong, vibrant city that will be the envy of the world!


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