Paul Sloan – Red River

Sloan, Paul
Councillor Red River
Thunder Bay Ontario
807-346-6826 Business

Lifelong, except a year, resident, mostly in Red River. Supports combined ward, at-large system. Ward issues unknown by non-resident. Wards are cooperative neighbours. Four wards, including dangerous areas, border Red River. Our ward will be impacted by a lagging ward and you will notice the difference when leaving your neighbourhood. I will get Red River its rightful share of attention, improve city for wards’ benefit.

Ideas and speeches are my own. Your issues will be taken seriously. I respect the value of a dollar; many weeks I have lived on less. I will be working hard to protect the city’s money, ensure you get fair service and make the city better for you.

• More money for you, your neighbourhood—Wards’ own budget. Renovate the Trinity Church manse. • Honourable governance—Recorded votes, better public records. • Lower cost of living. • Reduce budget below non-guaranteed [TelephoneCo] dividend—Hard? Yes. Doable. • Better value for taxes—Event centre STILL changing; reconfirm your support. I support building event centre a) IF city’s investment sensible relative to CITY’S benefits, and NEEDS of city and citizens b) ONLY with long-term contract AHL team c) NOT at ALL cost.


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