Kristian Kuznak – McKellar

Kuznak, Kristian
Councillor McKellar
Thunder Bay Ontario
807-355-0780 Home

As a lifelong resident of Thunder Bay and a father of two, I am running for City Council McKellar Ward to make positive changes for the future of Thunder Bay. I see the potential our city has to offer, and now is the time to make it come alive.  McKellar has a widely varied demographic where businesses can thrive and families can grow.  I am pro-business and individual success, and I want to see a clean, safe city with a future for our children.  This ward has great opportunity for promoting culture and community pride. I strive to provide opportunity for growth and incentive for new industry where the youth see purpose and security for the future.

I feel strongly that government needs to be made more efficient by using taxes more responsibly and limiting the burden on the taxpayer.  By taking advantage of technology to find new solutions to old problems, we can effect positive change.  I believe in putting people first, providing incentive for growth, and keeping Thunder Bay self-sufficient. I am excited to work together and represent the voices of McKellar Ward; I hope to gain your support for October 27th!


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