Jack Playford – English Public – School Board

Jack Playford
Playford, Jack
School Board Trustee
Lakehead District School Board
427 Shamrock Cres.
Thunder Bay Ontario
P7E 2S5
807-475-7809 Business
807-628-3149 Cell

I am, and have been for many years, an unashamedly passionate advocate of publicly funded education. In my view, it is the one publicly funded service that you can count on being available to the public all the time, and has, since its inception proven to be not only a medium that prepares students to enter adulthood and/or the work force but also a vehicle that generates social equality. In my capacity as a teacher and administrator for many years both in Canada and abroad, and in my recent two terms as a trustee, I have seen our school system continue to keep moving forward in increasingly difficult times, predicting and adapting programs to emerging student needs. This board has shown great foresight in adapting programs to those students who have difficult learning in a conventional environment providing E learning courses, home instruction, and adult learning opportunities to many diverse students in our community. This forward looking innovative focus on the needs of our students I would continue to support vigorously were I reelected. I would also continue to offer my experience, my commitment, and my leadership.


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