Colin Burridge – Mayor

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171 Martha St.
Thunder Bay Ontario
P7A 5Z5
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My reasons for running again are pretty much the same as they were in 2010. Jobs are still an issue no new blue collar to replace those lost. Crime is unbelievably still high look at the last month! Spending the Marina is still controversial and now the Event Center added into the mix. In last Election I said Plebiscite was needed , I have not changed my mind. The citizens should be given the whole truth and allowed to say yeah or nay. I ask you to review 2010’s debate, sounds familiar to what you have been reading lately hmmm?  

I was born in Thunder Bay in 1970, other than the time I served in the Canadian Forces I have lived here my entire life. In the Navy I was a Naval Combat Information Operator an integral part of the Ops team. My duties were to operate radar systems, communications, data link between ships in the fleet, keep the ships log, blind pilotage/chart work and plenty more. I was involved in Fishery Patrols, Drug Interdiction,  SAR,  Haitian Embargo, Carrier ASW and plenty more. The NCIOP creedo Collect, Evaluate, Display and Disseminate Information.  

The citizens of Thunder Bay need their voice back in City Hall.


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